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SO I had court today and well guess what sucks?! I can't leave October 4th for the Air Force anymore.. :-P We have to go to another court date and there is no way they can get the date to before October at all.. SO this either means one I can't go into the Air Force at all or two I have to be stuck waiting around here for how ever long it takes for my job to be open again.. Gross.. Well if I have to stay here for quite a while then I'm either going to check out OCC or David Pressley's because there is NO WAY I'm going to be a bum sitting around the house while everyone else is having a life going to school and what not.

"At least I get to be with my coolest, best ever, hottest boyfriend!!!" --=-- Ricky

lol Yea, he wrote that but it is still true and a plus!

All right well thats it.. I'm cool deal.

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